Birds are everywhere and most of the time people do not think about them.

However, pest birds such as pigeons, sea gulls, and others can cause damage to your property that is expensive to repair. Nests built under the corners of the roof, in the drains and gutters can keep rain water from draining properly.

The droppings from these birds can cause damage as well. When it accumulates, the high pH level of droppings can damage wood, iron and steel and can cause deterioration in the roof.

Crops are often lost to birds. They eat fruits and vegetables as well as the seeds before they get a chance to grow. Crows are perhaps the birds that do the most harm, but sparrows are not far behind. Some birds will also feast on the leaves of certain vegetables, causing a lot of damage.

In addition to all of these problems, birds can often spread disease. There are more than 60 known transmittable diseases that can be spread by birds and their droppings.

What is the Solution?

Nobody wants to harm or kill the birds; they just want them to find somewhere else to perch so damage is not done to their property. This is where an integrated pest management plan can help. There are several ways to deter the birds without harming them.

Bird Spikes

One choice for bird control is bird spikes. They can be installed in the area you want to keep the birds from landing on such as a rooftop without affecting the aesthetics of your home. This is one of the simplest ways to keep the birds away. The spikes are not sharp and they are placed upright. The birds see them and they don’t try to land where they are placed. Even if they accidentally fly into them they are not harmful.

Predatory Decoys

Another way to keep the birds from taking up residence is to use a prop or a fake predatory bird such as an owl. There are also falcon decoys that are used to repel birds from rooftops, gardens, and other areas where they are not welcome. They are painted with attention to detail so they look real to the birds.

Light and Noise Devices

Devices that use sound and light are another option for effective bird control. There are some that are solar powered and activated by motion that use recorded sounds such as bird distress calls or predator calls. Installing something that reflects light or flashes is often a good deterrent for birds. The sudden flashing startles them, and because they are naturally cautious they will avoid these areas.

Integrated pest management is the choice to rid your home, garden or business of birds that can do a lot of damage. Clean up and loss from birds can end up costing quite a bit of money. YES Pest Pros, Inc. can help keep your property free of these birds without harming them, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone.