Got Bugs?

Bed bugs are a huge pest. No one ever wants to discover that there are bugs in their bed, and these creatures gorge themselves on blood during the night. The worst of it is, your house can be the cleanest home on the street and bed bugs can still become a problem. How?

Bed bugs can ride along with people all the time – on clothing, luggage, in cars, taxis, hotel rooms, and many other places. They travel from one place to another via our own travel means. So when you arrive home from somewhere – even if you didn’t go very far at all – bed bugs can come home with you. From there they will start to mate, bite, and thrive.

Bed Bug Bitesbed bug bites

Bites are one of the more annoying aspects of bed bugs. In order to mature from one stage to the next, bed bugs need a blood meal. The nutrients in blood provide it with everything it needs to reach adulthood. In return, people are left with red bite marks that can often itch. Bites can be in clusters or in random areas throughout the body. It simply depends on what the bed bugs can reach and where they are at that time. The more bed bugs you have in your home, the more bites you will have.

Bed bug bites aren’t something to truly concern yourself with as there is no venom present and bed bugs aren’t known to carry nasty viruses or pathogens in the same way that ticks and mosquitoes can. But that doesn’t mean you need or want them biting you. Your body produces these red marks as a reaction to the bug’s saliva as well as the slight damage done when they feed. Simply put – your body doesn’t like it. No surprise there.

Clearing Them Out

Either way, you don’t need bed bugs at your home, and they should be cleared out as soon as possible. Living with bed bugs can quickly turn into a nightmare if their numbers grow large enough. Likewise, they can also migrate from one room to another until they are throughout the house. They can also hitch rides on you and the things you carry to end up in your car and possibly at someone else’s house as well.

Putting a stop to bed bugs means contacting an Bloomington pest control company to get a technician out immediately to discover where the bugs are hiding, which rooms they might be in, and how to get them out. A plan will quickly be set into place and you will be able to rest easier knowing that when you sleep there won’t be any new bed bug bites in the morning.