Do you ever wake up with redness, swelling, or itching on any part of your body and just wonder what caused them? We’d hate to break it to you, but your home might have a bed bug infestation. Naturally, you’d want to get rid of the pests to avoid health problems such as allergies and, in some cases, asthma attacks.

Before you start looking up and down your bed for these pests, however, we want you to know that they can live elsewhere in your home. Your bedroom might seem free of them, but they could be hiding in cracks on your furniture or in textiles.

Searching for the Signs

How do you know that what you’re dealing with are bed bugs? When you’re cleaning, observe the physical signs that indicate a bed bug infestation, such as rusty stains from crushed bed bugs or dark spots of excrement on fabric. Also, be mindful of the tiny eggs and eggshells as well as pale yellow skins that they shed. Furthermore, watch out for live bed bugs crawling around or hiding out.

Finding the Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually come out at night to feed. The rest of the time, they hide in various places. The most common area is around your bed: the mattress, box springs, bed frame, and headboard. They may also hide in the cracks and crevices of chairs, couches, walls, and drawers. Furthermore, they could be hiding between cushions, curtains, wall papers, and even electrical appliances.

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