When you have an infestation in your home, your first goal is to treat it as effectively and inexpensively as possible. With articles recommending plenty of ways to take care of bed bugs on your own, you might start thinking that you don’t even need to use pest control in order to take care of your problem. Unfortunately, trying to take care of an infestation on your own is a recipe for trouble.

Bounce Acknowledges Inability of Dryer Sheets to Kill Bed Bugs

Bounce recently issued a press release insisting that, while a dryer sheet is capable of accomplishing many things, it won’t do anything about a bed bug that has decided to latch onto a person’s clothing, nor will it help to tuck those dryer sheets inside sheets, under doors, or anywhere else that unwary bugs might go to hide. This statement came in response to a report that Trenton Social Services office was leaving out dryer sheets for employees who thought they might have been exposed to bed bugs as a result of their interactions with a client. According to Bounce, there’s no reason to assume that a dryer sheet would accomplish anything of the sort.

Handling Infestations

If you have a bed bug infestation, the only way to effectively take care of it is by using a pest control specialist to supply a heat treatment to your home. No matter how clean you are or how hard you’ve tried to vacuum them away, these tiny pests will just keep coming back for more, and unfortunately, attempting to take care of the problem yourself can make it worse.

Consider this: the longer you wait to call in a pest control specialist, the longer the bugs have to multiply. That means that you’ll be dealing with larger quantities of pests when you finally do bring out a specialist. That can make it more difficult to treat your home, often leading to a second heat treatment before the problem has been cleared up. Home remedies may also cause the pests to go into hiding temporarily, burrowing into places where you can’t find them. This may lead to a false sense of security and an increase in frustration when you discover these tiny pests still leaving a mark on your home.

If you think you have a bed bug problem, don’t delay. Contact Yes Pest Pros today to learn how we can help you reclaim your home and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep once more. Don’t wait until your skin is crawling to call in help.