Bed bugs are certainly a nasty pest, and in most cases, they’re the last thing you want to have to fight in your home. Once they’ve invaded, though, many people think the only resource Elkhart pest control professionals have is dangerous chemicals to help kill them off. Fortunately, here at Young Environmental Services, we have another method- heat!

Chemical Free

Heat-TreatmentThere are many chemical options approved for pest control companies to treat bed bugs, and in some cases, they can prove necessary. Typically, though, once we’re notified of a pest infestation, a heat treatment is really the best option. It’s usually faster than chemical applications, and it’s far safer both for you and the environment too.

Heat treatments have been around for some time. Initially developed in the 1930s, heat treatments were quite a bit different in the past than they are today. At the time, exterminators brought in portable steamers and heat generating lamps to help kill a bed bug population. Some would even stoke up the furnace or stove as hot as it might go to kill any potential bugs living on the premises.

The same idea is used today, though the methods differ greatly. After all, behind this treatment lies some pretty solid science. Bed bugs can’t live at extreme temperatures, either heat or cold.  As a result, if you heat a room to a certain temperature, all of the bed bugs inside, and their eggs, die off.

Our heat treatments do just that. They safely heat a room to the right temperature, then leave it there for the specified length of time necessary to kill the bed bugs and their eggs. Once the room has cooled, you can head right back into it. There’s no damage to your stuff, no chemicals to worry about, and best of all, it’s bed bug free.

If you’re interested in our bed bug heat treatments, contact us today.