Concerns about bed bugs are seemingly everywhere these days, and if you’re dropping your teen off at a university or college this fall, you can bet that your bed bug fears are far from over. Colleges are the perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs, and keeping them off of your freshman and out of your home is going to be tougher than you think. Here are a few tips that may help.

  • Carefully check the mattress before you put the sheets on it. Just as you would in any hotel setting, take a look at the seams, particularly those that are close to the corners to look for signs of bed bugs. Common signs include the bugs themselves or dark staining.200432751-001
  • Don’t forget to look at the other furniture as well. Bed bugs can hide behind headboards, on chairs, or even on couches. Examine everything, and if you happen to see something suspicious, report it immediately to the housing supervisor so the room can be treated before your freshman settles in.
  • When the first break from school comes and your child brings home six loads of laundry, sort it out in the garage or the driveway before you put it in the washing machine. You’ll want to wash everything in the hottest possible water and make sure you dry it for at least thirty minutes.
  • Be sure to check suitcases and book bags too. Use a vacuum to make certain there are no bed bugs in crevices, and you may want to vacuum that laptop as well. Don’t forget about checking books, too. If your child will be home for a while, you can put some things in the freezer in plastic bags. It will have to stay for up to five days, though, to kill any bed bug eggs.

Professional pest control is the only real way to eliminate a bed bug infestation, so in the event that it moves from the dorm to your bedroom, contact a Bloomington bed bug exterminator immediately.