Bed bugs are basically home invaders, and they won’t go away easily even when we smoke them out. And despite the collective effort, the country’s problems with bed bugs continue. In a report published by Pest World, it’s clear as day that every city still struggles with it.

They went so far as to call it an epidemic. Furthermore, they also consulted pest management companies and got vital information from them. According to the report, bed bugs are common in apartments and single-family households. In addition, they also say that the problem is only seasonal, but it gets bad.

Eradication at the Earliest

It’s never nice knowing that you’re spending sleep time with bed bugs. Don’t find out what they’ll do to your body and try to eliminate them as early as possible. Bed bugs are smart, too, as they do their work and retreat to the darkness just before dawn. That way, you won’t spot them and think it’s okay. Watch for signs, because they may get their sustenance from your body.

Bed bugs don’t choose what property to invade. Often, they are present in hospitalities, schools, hospitals, and even movie theaters. It’s scary how common they are, and they’re likely to affect your health by a degree.

The Thing about DIY Solutions

As a pest management company, we firmly believe that homemade bug killers are dangerous and ineffective. If you manage to create a chemical that’s noxious enough, it’s only likely to last for eight hours and it won’t stop the bugs from biting you.

We use quality, chemical-free bug killers to ensure that we don’t leave anything toxic in our clients’ properties. Let us help you in ridding your home or business of bed bugs.

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