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Keeping Mosquitoes Away This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to spend an evening on your deck or patio, an afternoon out in the hammock, or the morning weeding the garden. The problem? You’re not going to be alone. Mosquitoes will be with you every step of the way, and if you have ever spent the night scratching at those […]

Preventing a Tick Infestation

There are few things that are scarier than finding a tick attached to your body. Unfortunately, many Granger pest control professionals are reporting that these nuisances are worse than ever this year. With fear mounting thanks to ongoing issues like Lyme disease, keeping ticks out of your yard is a must. These tips can help.

Maintaining […]

Selecting the right Bloomington Pest Control Professional

Whether you’re battling bed bugs, you need the help of a termite pest control specialist, or you simply want someone who specialized in residential and commercial pest control selecting an Bloomington pest control company to add to your list of service providers is essential in making certain you keep your home safe and pest free. […]

5 Signs of A Bat Infestation

While it is true that bats are an essential part of the environment, no one wants is to have them in their house. Bats can carry serious diseases, making them a health hazard to you and your family.

If you discover bats in your home, contact Young Environmental Solutions for bat elimination services right away!

5 […]

Should I Worry About Bed Bug Bites?

Got Bugs?

Bed bugs are a huge pest. No one ever wants to discover that there are bugs in their bed, and these creatures gorge themselves on blood during the night. The worst of it is, your house can be the cleanest home on the street and bed bugs can still become a problem. How?

Bed bugs […]

Pest Control in Your Local Area

Going Local

Who thought that pests and the local economy would end up hand-in-hand? These days it’s an excellent choice and decision to put your trust in pest control companies that work in local areas rather than big companies that are still only working with chemicals and pesticides.

There are a lot of benefits with working with […]

Be Comfortable and Pest Free

Wake Up Time

Insects have a lot of different methods to outlive the winter weather and cold temperatures. Some burrow deep underground or into trees and go dormant for the season. Others will simply die off, but their eggs or larvae are placed somewhere they can last until spring time. Some pests, such as mice and […]

Rodents are a Year Round Pest

Mice and Rats, 24/7

Rodents don’t hibernate during winter time. They remain active throughout the year, which can be detrimental to any homeowner with a rodent problem. This means that even though you think you are in the clear when it comes to rodent issues, they can still do damage to your items, food, and home.

Rodents […]

Keeping Spiders Out This Summer

What Do Spiders Want?

That is one of the main questions people ask when they start to see spiders appear in their home. Why are the spiders there? What are they after? A lot of times people will say, “There’s nothing in here for them!” Except all that we see is a single spider crawling along […]

When Flies Are Out of Control

Where Are They Coming From?
That can be one of the top questions someone might have when they realize that there is an uncomfortable number of flies in their house. During warmer months, flies will once again begin to emerge to buzz around, bite, and annoy people and animals alike. These insects can carry any number of […]