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Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Home

Entire movies have been made about cockroaches, and indeed, even pest control initiatives from the government have been set up to control cockroach populations in certain areas of the country. They’re a hugely feared pest, and few homeowners actually want to have a full scale invasion on their hands. How can you keep them out […]

Carpet Beetles: What You Need to Know Now

Worried about carpet beetles in your home? If you’re not already, you probably should be. Carpet beetles can be some of the worst pests around, but there are ways to keep them out of your home. These tips can help.

Wait, What Are They?

Just 3 mm long, carpet beetles aren’t exactly the kind of pest you […]

WDO Inspection for Realtors: A Primer

Realtors are in the business of finding the perfect house for their clients – a place that will quickly go from being just a mere house to a home. But finding the perfect house goes far beyond simply finding a house that has all of the physical desires the client may be looking for. The […]

Keep Bats Out of Your Home

While it may be true that the bat population is at an all-time low, this mammal is still a pest that creates 1/5 of the mammal population. Bats, like every other creature in existence, have an appropriate place and purpose. In fact, they are beneficial to the environment, cutting down on insect population. (Without bats, […]

What Crawls On Your Floor?

There are many pests that can present a problem in the home. One particularly nasty pest is the carpet beetle. Belonging the Dermestidae family, the carpet beetle is part of a group of pests that have over five hundred different species. It is a small insect, with the average adult carpet beetle ranging between two […]

Why Are There Flies In My Restaurant?

Going to a restaurant can be a great experience. Whether going with a group of friends, on your own, or with that special someone, the ambiance of a good restaurant is sure to make for an enjoyable time. But what happens when the ambiance is less than perfect? What happens when a few unwanted guests […]

Keeping the Rodents At Bay In the Cold Weather

Every year, rodents do some pretty significant damage to both property and the food supply across the United States. What’s worse, though, is that they have the ability to spread disease and create a serious risk to you and your family. Unfortunately, as the weather grows cold, though, they’re more likely than ever to want […]

How to Keep House Spiders Out

They’re the subject of fears everywhere. Eight legs, a creepy crawly nature, and a bite from some species that will cause serious medical problems. They’re spiders, and keeping them out as the cold weather sets in is not going to be easy. These tips can help.

Eliminate hiding places. Spiders don’t really like to be out […]

Silverfish 101

No one wants to deal with any pest invasion in the home, but as the weather turns colder, seeing some pests is almost unavoidable. Silverfish are one of those problematic creatures, and if you’re seeing more of them in your home this season, you’re certainly not alone.

What Do They Look Like?

Silverfish are usually a brown […]

Fight Earwigs on Your Property

Just the name “earwigs” is enough to scare most people. The idea that a pest that might be able to crawl down your ear might exist is terrifying. The simple truth about earwigs, though, is that lots of myths surround these pests, and while they’re a nuisance, they’re certainly not going to crawl in your […]