You know those ants that kids sing about in the song The Ants Go Marching? They probably weren’t pavement ants. In fact, these little guys go so slowly, it may take you awhile to even notice they’re there. Once you do, though, you’re going to be ready to call an exterminator pretty quickly. These tips can help you identify and control the problem.

What Do They Look Like?

pavement ants

Pavement ants are usually light brown or black. They have lightly colored appendages, and they’re typically about three millimeters in length. They usually have parallel lines running down their head and thorax, and you may also notice segmented antennae as well.

What Do They Eat?

Pavement ants, like almost all other ant types, will eat pretty much whatever they can find. They’ll feed on a lot of things including sweets and foods with a higher protein content. They prefer to eat fairly greasy foods, but they’ll be happy to eat most of what you happen to have in your kitchen.

Are They Dangerous?

Pavement ants can both sting and bite. You don’t want that, but you don’t want the other problems that accompany an infestation as well. They have the ability to nest inside, under the floors, within the walls, or even inside your insulation. Because a typical colony includes multiple queens, they’ll branch out once they’re inside your home and start creating new colonies on a routine basis. Once established, they’re hard to get rid of, and the nests are even harder to find in the first place, so you may want the help of a pest control professional right away.

How Do You Control Them?

Pavement ants are tougher to control than many other ant species, so enlisting the help of a professional as soon as you notice a problem is an absolute must. Pest control professionals have the ability to locate the nest and destroy the entire population. Those DIY sprays you see on the shelf of the local hardware store just can’t compete.

If you have a problem with pavement ants, your best bet is to contact an Elkhart pest control company immediately.