You don’t have to be a grandma to have a few home remedies on hand to rid your home of ants. The Internet is full of blogs and articles with hints and tips for keeping those pesky little creatures out of your sugar bowl. Some of them are mundane, like placing various leaves and spices around the counter tops and windowsills. Others are downright interesting, if not just a little bizarre. Here are a few that we found that piqued our interest:

Potpourri of Possibilities

Some people like to keep their spices sealed up along the spice rack, but we found a few suggestions that included spreading spices around. Barriers of cinnamon sticks and orange peels were some of the more common path inhibitors, but some blogs suggested choking out the little critters with black or cayenne pepper.

Creatures of the Night

Apparently, vampires aren’t the only things warded off by cloves of garlic. A remedy in multiple forms, garlic is thought to work when hanging in bunches or sprinkled as powder in dark areas. For those wanting a sweeter smell, mint leaves and orange peels are supposed to confuse the ants so that they can’t smell sugar.

Salad Anyone?

Cucumbers are also touted to repel ants. Placing peeled slices in cabinet corners is supposed to deter ants from seeking their sugary treats. When the slice is dried out and leathery, it can be replaced with a fresh slice.

Chemical Reactions

For more adventurous people, there are a few chemical creations hyped as home remedies. Placing small bowls of white vinegar or spraying a vinegar and water mixture on windowsills are listed as options. Windex isn’t just for clearing up acne. Mix it with equal parts of Ivory soap and the ants will slip and then asphyxiate.

Science Project Gone Wrong

For those tricksters who had a little too much fun with the volcanoes in science class, you can try a mixture of powdered sugar and baking soda. The ants will be attracted to the sweet treat only to succumb by exploding from the inside out when they try to digest the baking soda.

CSI Anthill

For the crime scene investigators out there, you can catch the little critters by wrapping all your canisters with double-sided tape. When they try to climb up the side, they’ll stick in place on the tape, never to free their legs again.

And the winner of the most bizarre home remedy for repelling ants goes to what we’ll refer to as the ultimate crime scene concoction: a chalk outline of your house. Supposedly, ants will not cross the calcium carbonate contained in the chalk, resulting in an “it’s dead to me” reaction from the ants.

If Those Don’t Work

While we’re all for going green and staying friendly to the environment, if you find that these handy home remedies don’t repel all of the ants that come marching in, give us a call, 800-524-8544, or contact us through our website at We’ll help you get rid of those pesky little ants, and you can keep all your spices for seasoning.