Bats, as carriers of diseases, are one of the most dangerous animals with access to humans. At the first sight of infestation, call the bat exterminators of Indiana’s Y.E.S. Pest Pros.

bat extermination services bloomington indianaThe Culprits

The State of Indiana is home to 12 species of Bats, including the two most common that take up residence roosting in colonies inside homes and buildings: the Red Bat and the Big Brown Bat. Colonies of up to 200 individuals return each spring to occupy thousands of homes and other buildings in Indiana.

The Health Danger

Bats carry fleas, ticks, bat bugs, and other parasites that are capable of causing serious and potentially fatal diseases. Their droppings often contain fungal spores that can cause histoplasmosis, a potentially serious and sometimes fatal disease of the lungs. In addition, about 1 in 20 Bats submitted for examination test positive for rabies. When bats roost in human-occupied areas, the risk can be significant.

bat exterminator Elkhart IndianaDiscovering A Bat Problem

Bats often roost in dark, undisturbed areas, such as attics and wall voids. The entry points are often near the roof edge, such as under the eaves, soffits or loose boards, openings in the roof or vents, or crevices around the chimney. Sometimes bats will roost behind shutters or under boards without entering the home.

Ridding Your Home or Building of Bats

There are no chemicals registered in Indiana for killing bats and the use of unregistered pesticides only increases the chances that children and pets will come in contact with sick bats. The only permanent method to get rid of bats and to keep them out is to exclude them by bat-proofing.

The Solution

Bat Elimination IndianaY.E.S. will solve your problem safely, affordably and quickly. The company will seal up all but the main entry access point for the bats; After netting off the main area, and allowing the bats to leave, we will seal off the main entry point; preventing the Bat’s return. This process is done in conjunction with the Y.E.S. Integrated pest management and bat elimination program in Indiana. This environmentally responsible program utilizes the latest strategies, technologies and materials to eradicate your problem and to help keep it from returning.

Guaranteed Elimination

When you take advantage of the Y.E.S. Bat Elimination program, you have the peace of mind in knowing that *if the Bats return, to the same sealed areas, so do we and at no charge!