Protect your Home with The YES Pest Pros Annual Service Program. Protecting your family’s health, home and environment is something YES Pest Pros takes seriously. Ants, mice, spiders, as well as other pests, don’t belong in your home – not only can they pose serious health risks to family members including pets, but they can also cause serious and costly damage to the structure of your home.  Our residential pest control services are the ideal solution for homeowners, delivering effective results!

Guaranteed to Combat Household Pests

The YES Pest Pros Home Service Program is guaranteed to protect your home against common household pests.  Our home pest control includes pre-scheduled interior and exterior services over a 12 month period. If additional visits are needed, we will come out at no charge to you – it’s part of our guarantee to keep your home pest free! If you have a pest problem in your home, Contact YES Pest Pros today to schedule an appointment!

Our Residential Pest Control Service Program includes:

  • Pre-scheduled interior and exterior services
  • Visual interior and exterior inspection of the accessible areas
  • Suggestions and recommendations for eliminating future pest problems in and around your home• Interior and exterior preventative services for the home
  • Our People

We know we cannot provide quality service without our people, our highly qualified Indiana pest control specialists who help us fulfill our goals. These professionals have the essential skills, training, & experience to perform safe, efficient and environmentally friendly pest removal procedure. They use the latest tools, materials, and techniques to control pests without damaging the client’s property.

Our Solutions

As premier providers of effective pest solutions in Indiana, we aim to help keep our clients’ property clean, safe, and pest-free. Our team can provide you with simple tips and guides on controlling pests in your home or business. We can also come to your home or business and perform a complete evaluation of your access points. Then, we can work with you to prevent future invasion with the installation of electronic pest control devices, traps, and seals, or we can give you a do-it-yourself checklist with our recommendations for action.

Either way, we’re happy to help you keep your home or business clean and safe. Don’t let those unwanted guests destroy your property. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for an evaluation.